2018 Beauty Breakthroughs in which Promo Code for Free Shipping at Sephora are Available

Sephora Makeup

Thousands of beauty products are being introduced each year and billions of dollars are being invested by cosmetic companies to improve and develop their products.

Coconut is considered as the superfood ingredient. It is pale-yellow, semisolid edible oil that is used in cosmetics and other personal care products. It is believed to have anticaking agent and an emulsifier. Ancient Egyptians used coconut for beautification and for the health benefits it gives. Today, many use coconut oil to keep hair and skin in peak condition. Coconut oil can be used as face mask to keep skin moisturized. One can use products with coconut oil as hair mask and can even be used as makeup remover. Sephora offer products with coconut oil at a very reasonable price. Check out promo code for free shipping at sephora now.

There has been a new brand called CliniqueFIT which offers high performance makeup and skin care that fit with every woman’s active lifestyle. Sweat or no sweat, one can look stunning with the use of the best neutralizing face powder.

Skin analysis is another breakthrough. It is done through DNA testing wherein skin scientists use DNA to know the strength and weaknesses. DNA test results map out one’s genetic blueprint. Allergies, skin firmness, free radical damage, sun damage and skin risks can be shown through genetic testing. DNA testing is also used to know the exact cream or serum for every woman. Creams and serums can now be tailor-made to address the one’s skin issues. Genetic mapping can work with many skincare products especially on facial products and treatments. DNA-based hair and body treatments are now available in the market. A French company named LesOrnates Laboratoire now creates skincare products and hair treatments based and according to DNA coding.

Pre-shampoo mask is now considered to be the genius hair treatment. Finding the right hair treatment is the easiest way to bring back your damaged hair back to life. Taking care of the hair requires a lot of TLC especially for colored hair and hair that undergoes styling with the use of heat tools. The hair care innovation called Cattier Pre Shampoo Detox Mask purifies, revives and soothes even the most sensitive of all scalps. It also revitalizes and stimulates cell renewal because of its organic lemon ingredient. It makes hair healthy and light.

At-home Light-emitting diode (LED) is a non-invasive anti-ageing technology that is used to clear up acne. At-home LED can now be bought over the counter which can be used for only minutes to treat acne. It is an effective antibacterial treatment because it can kill acne causing bacteria with just a snap. The red light also reduces inflammation and help in the overall skin texture and appearance. Some hand held device can also help stimulate collagen.

Cryotherapy is a body treatment that is short but intense hyper-cooling process wherein it helps in muscle recovery and healing. It is an anti-ageing and toxin building procedure. This is hi-tech beauty wherein one is put inside a chamber where the body is cooled with nitrogen mist to -140’C. Cryotherapy is an alternative treatment that is proven safe and effective. Cryotherapy facials are now being offered wherein cold is applied to the face. It can freeze off warts and other cancerous cells. A cryogenic tightening gel is now available at sephora.com. It is a cold crackling gel that is full of glycoproteins, peony extract and micro-algae which can improve skin elasticity micro-algae. It is applied on the forehead and neck during one’s skin care routine.

Crystal- infused skin care is the in thing. Healing crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, jade and citrine are now used for self-care along with skin care. Therapeutic scents are used for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Hydration and antioxidant protection can now be achieved in one product. The Clarins SOS Primers have six different shades suited for every complexion to hide imperfections, redness and dark spots. It can be used as a pre-foundation or can be mixed with a base.

With all these products being developed and improved, it is all worth it to try them and make yourselves feeling fresh and beautiful all year long.