How To Make The Most Of Your Visit To Copenhagen

Copenhagen by night

Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the hottest tourist destinations right now for a whole host of reasons. If you have the time and resources, spending a while in the amazing European hotspot is definitely recommended. However, if you’re in a bit of a hurry, there are ways for you to make the most of your visit to this wonderful city. You can start with going to, where you’ll find some pretty nifty resource to help you out.

Other than that, you can refer to the following items that are well worth keeping in mind. Of course, it should be pointed out that you can travel to Copenhagen and do as you like at any time. This guide is simply to make sure that you get as much as you can from your time at this city as possible.

Walk Around

Copenhagen is a city that’s made for walking around in. You would be wasting your time there if you only get around in a car or on a bus. Even if this is all you do with the time that you have when you visit Copenhagen, you could get so much out of it that you really won’t have much to complain about. The best reasons for doing so are the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the people that you come across.


A shopping street that is 1.1km long, StrØget is only intended for pedestrians. It’s also the place where you definitely want to stop by and do some shopping if you’re into local goods. You can get there on foot too, so that ties in nicely with the first item on this list.

Street Food

Speaking of things you can get when walking around, you definitely want to try out the many street foods on offer at Copenhagen. It might not be as famous as those from Asia and the like, but there are just as many delectable items waiting to satisfy your hunger. Pop in at Koedbyen to grab a bite to eat before heading off to see more of the city.

Tivoli Gardens

A visit to Tivoli Gardens is simply a must for people traveling to Copenhagen. As theme parks go, this is the complete package and everything that entails.


If you fancy a good view of the city, walking up the spiralling steps of the Rundetårn is highly recommended. It takes a bit of effort to get there but the breath-taking view makes it worth it. You can see a huge portion of the city from up there.

Boat Tours

Finally, you can go on amazing boat tours when you visit Copenhagen, which you’ll definitely want to take. Aside from the awesome view of the city from the water, there are also plenty of interesting stops along the way. Some tours even stop by the famous statue of The Little Mermaid, which is also a must-see site in this city. Suffice it to say, no visit to Copenhagen is complete without this little tidbit.

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