How Nexeon’s Lithium-ion Battery Technology Could Change The Tech Industry

Lithium-ion batteries have become ubiquitous in the tech industry because of the role that it plays in powering the majority of gadgets and gizmos in the market. Everything from smartphones to electric cars run on these portable power sources. In this regard, Nexeon is paving the way for the future of li-ion battery with a new technology that it created.

Nexeon’s researchers managed to develop a new type of li-ion battery composition, which extends its lifespan and boosts its energy capacity. This basically means that the batteries can be made smaller while still retaining or even increasing the amount of energy they can store.

The Li-Ion Phenomenon

Li-ion batteries have actually been around for decades, but they didn’t pick up steam as the main power source for the majority of gadgets in the market until portable computers came about. These included laptops, PDAs, earlier versions of tablets, and eventually, smartphones.

These days, wherever you find gadgets of any kind, you’ll find li-ion batteries that power them. Even electric cars now sport li-ion batteries, with Tesla being a particularly important example for jumpstarting the EV industry in the first place. This is where Nexeon can be an especially huge factor by revolutionizing the li-ion batteries that they are using.

Limits of Current Li-Ion Technology

One of the biggest issues that humans are facing right now is the limits on energy storage and consumption. Conventional li-ion batteries can only store so much in a certain size of container, with higher energy capacities inevitably involving much bigger batteries. This is just not acceptable, especially when considering how small and thin mobile devices are becoming.

With the li-ion technology that Nexeon has developed, however, this limit has become less of a problem. It’s simply astonishing how much an industry can changed by simply changing one little thing.

What Nexeon Technology Is All About

In the simplest terms, the technology that Nexeon discovered and patented is all about increasing the amount of energy that li-ion batteries can store, how long they can last, and how small they can go. Imagine having a smartphone that’s half the thickness of the thinnest mobile device in the market right now with the same battery capacity.

This could be possible with the battery technology that Nexeon has developed. Based on the manufacturing data that the company also gathered from its pilot plant, mass producing batteries with its technology is not only viable, it could potentially be much cheaper.

Patented Li-Ion Technology

Nexeon’s battery is called a silicon anode Li-ion unit, which is different from other batteries, which largely use carbon anode. By using silicon over carbon, several limitations of the li-ion battery technology were overcome by the company. Getting to this point was not exactly a walk in the park, however, since there’s a reason why the carbon variety has been around for so long.

Basically, the silicon anode is capable of storing much more lithium than its carbon counterpart. The difference is so stark, in fact that gravimetre capacity per gram (mAh/g) advantage of silicon over carbon is almost at a factor of ten. To illustrate this point, take a look at the formula below:

Carbon anode: 6C + Li+ + e– ↔ LiC6 ⇒ 372 mAh/g
Silicon anode: 4Si + 15Li+ + 15e– ↔ Li15Si4 ⇒ 3580 mAh/g

Anyone looking at that calculation should be easily convince I how superior silicon anode is, especially when taking into account that life cycle is increased as well. Nexeon does this by reducing the volume expansion that carbon anode li-ion batteries are known for. As a result, lifespan is extended while maintaining the quality of the energy capacity of the batteries.

The Nexeon Advantage

Even now, Nexeon is refining its battery technology and creating different combinations of materials to find the right mix that will really bring their game to the next level. So far, the company has yet to really corner the market, which it could do thanks to its new li-ion battery technology this makes Nexeon worth watching out for, especially for those who are interested in how tech giants can change the industry.

High-capacity battery technology is always in demand. Nexeon just has to be given the chance to meet this demand.

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