Grab Your Sephora Discount Code And Know The Reasons Why Women Put On Makeup

Sephora makeup

Putting on makeup is an art. An average woman spends about 15 minutes applying it on. Makeup fascinates people by how much women wear, the colors and how they apply it. Makeup cosmetics are chemical products that people use to change a look of the body especially the face. Cosmetic products include lipsticks, eye and face makeups, hair dyes, skin creams, deodorants, among others.

We often see women transformed from pale looking to dewy- skinned. Makeup enhances attractiveness. There have been proven evidence of cosmetics being used that dates back to 10,000 B.C. ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians used ointments and oils to cover up body odors and to clean their skin. A black mineral called Kohl was also used to line their eyes to reduce eye infection and prevent infection. They also used colored dyes and clays to stain the lips and the nails.

Putting on makeup is like wearing a pair of high heels for it gives a woman confidence and making her feel in control. It somehow polished the attitude. Studies made by the International Journal of Cosmetic Sciences revealed that women became more confident and sociable when they wear makeup as opposed to not wearing any. Makeup shows off the best features of a woman. If one has soulful eyes, a better way to show them off is by using eyeshadow. Sephora has over 264 eyeshadow products to choose. Use sephora discount code for great deals and big savings.

When done right, makeup add to the overall beauty of a person. Self-care is one of the reasons why women wear it. Women may spend hours in the bedroom applying cosmetics and keeping herself together, Women cover things such as blemishes, scars, discoloration with makeup.  This can hide insecurities and flaws which is a good thing.

Women love to look and feel pretty. Putting on a red lipstick makes a woman look beautiful. Women apply cosmetics not just to impress men but also to impress themselves. One of a woman’s beauty secret is a simple concealer. It offers amazing coverage especially when worn with a foundation. It is best used underneath the eyes, to cover scars, an acne, and other blemishes. It makes a woman appear younger or can also make one look older. Teenage girls wear makeup because they want to look older. While older women apply it to hide wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Wearing makeup is also necessary for a certain job of a woman. Some jobs require cosmetics to look their best such as sales representatives, stewardesses, models, performers and bank employees to attract sales and clients.

It is also a way to express oneself. Some women prefer a dramatic look over a natural look. It is a way to express one’s personality. Makeup can say a lot of things about a woman. An outspoken woman may wear a more vibrant shade of eyeshadow and a simple and reserved lady would prefer a nude glossy lipstick. Women wear it because women want to. It is a form of expression and creativity.

Billions of dollars are being invested by big companies such as Sephora to bring to the public the lates and the best products to consumers. But makeup is not all business. It creates a brand new look. It makes a person become a new person. It is fun because women can play with different shades, products and textures. Makeup is a fun thing to do. One can play around with cosmetics with the use of tools and colors. And it can set women apart from men. It is an arena where men are not allowed. It is believed to channel a different state of being. One can become artistic, gentle, rebellious and glamorous with just a simple stroke of a brush.

One can appear more competent. A research done has proven that attractiveness is correlated with the word competency.

Another benefit of makeup is that it designates “you” time. It is ritualistic. Spending minutes and even hours can calm a person and can be mentally relaxing. It is a great way to check oneself. Psychologists even called such as “halo effect” of beauty. Those people who are perceived to be beautiful are known to possess positive traits such as being competent, successful and being honest.

We have our own reasons why we wear makeup or not wear any at all. It is a matter of choice. But the main reason why we use makeup is that it can boost one’s self-confidence. It can also transform a person into a completely different new one. It brings out self-esteem and self- expression.