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letsgomum 56%


Traveling alone is great but traveling as a family can be even better. On that note, doing so can come with plenty of challenges and is an excellent website to help you out with the issues that normally come with such arrangements. An acclaimed website, it’s no wonder that this is one of the top three sites that we had on our list last year and you are definitely not going to regret checking this resource out. It’s sweet, informative, and inspiring, which are amazing ingredients for an excellent experience.
taraustralis 26%

Tara Foster

Read this blog and travel the world. Blogger Tara’s unique travel experiences are inspiring. The images produced in this blog are beautiful and out of this world. Her work at the media industry opened great travel opportunities. Tara truly knows the best around the world.
frequenttraveller 6%

Alan and Ros

This Australian couple started blogging to document their annual holidays. They are longtime travelers has been considered to be the #1 Australian travel blog catering to travelers who are over 50. Their travel experience is what bucket lists are made of. Check out their travel tips and travel gears and reviews for they have done a great job in producing an awesome content.
Rosemarie & Joseph 4%

Rosemarie & Joseph

Traveling is always a special activity that people can absolutely get lost in and not mind in the least. The site can provide readers with context with regards to this particular aspect of the subject, which can go a long way towards making the experience as rewarding as it can possibly be.
jayride 2%


The Jayride Journal is the blog for airport transfer comparison and booking site The team behind the The Jayride Journal use their extensive travelling experience and backgrounds as travel writers to write useful, inspiring and informative blogs on all kinds of travel and transport topics, including travel tips, inspirations and innovations. Their aim is to help people to travel seamlessly and stress-free.
bushwalkingblog 1%


Impressively detailed, you’ll see plenty of the right information with regards to hiking at to help you when you are ready to go on your own bush walk. As an ancient and spiritual experience, hiking has always been part of the human existence, helping the species to survive the world’s greatest threats. People are made to walk, travel, and see other places, and it can even be considered an essential part of a healthy mind. If you have ever felt like you needed a break from everyday life, check this blog out.

mappingmegan 1%


The site is a prime example of an award-winning travel blog that only has the best interest of readers at heart. Not only has the author of the website done extensive travel, she has also paid close attention to every detail. This is how she has been able to come up with some of the most ingenious tips that address some of traveling’s most frustrating issues. As a result, the site is able to improve the experience of anyone who decides to hit the road, even if they haven’t done much of it before.
thetravellinglindfields 1%


Have you ever thought about traveling with your family and then changed your minds after it dawned on you that it might be a living nightmare? If so and you still want to experience it at some point, you should definitely check out This is an absolutely fantastic resource that really gets to the heart of the issues that confront families who travel together and then addresses them without being too obvious about it. That is simply amazing, especially when coupled with the amazing factoids on the site.
contentedtraveller 1%


For a lot of people, travelling is almost essential for fully experiencing life as it was meant to be lived, and is a site by such a person. Too many folks put too much pressure on themselves when it comes to planning trips that it almost becomes a chore when it really shouldn’t be. As this site urges readers to keep in mind, a relaxing travel is the best kind, especially for those who are already retired. Seeing the world after years of hard work and toiling away is great reward worth pursuing.
hayleyonholiday 1%


An excellent travel blog is about the adventures of the author Hayley when she was an expat in Canada. There are amazing topics about the best deals in traveling to Vancouver, the site owner’s most favorite places to visit and so much more. You really want to visit this site often if you are planning on going on an adventure of your own at some point in the future. Naturally, there are also some contents about her experience in Melbourne, where she currently lives and is a destination that you might love to visit. If so, you can get valuable information on that too.
stuffitgotravelling 1%


Danielle started this blog as an outlet to share her many travel experiences. This blog’s edge among other travel blogs is that travel resources are provided wherein you can find information about transportation, online sites, products, gears and more! If you are on the lookout for a travel blog that provide tips, impart knowledge and provide inspiration, this blog is for you.
togetherweroam 0%


Yet another blog that was on the top three of our previous list, is a family travel blog that helps parents get a better understanding of how they can make going on a trip with their kids a lot more fun and easier. It’s simply one of the most informative resources out there when it comes to traveling with family, which can be one of the more stressful experiences that you can go through. With the right tips and the right perspective, though, it can be one of the most enjoyable.
Family 0%


The site asks the simple question of why people should travel and then lists a huge number of reasons and examples to answer that question. So many in the world miss out on the chance to see the wider place that is the planet they are living in, even just their immediate surroundings. This is a subject that the website wants to create a change in for the readers because traveling is so essential for the human spirit. It’s simply not the kind of activity that can be ignored without suffering health or mental issues.
melhotornot 0%


Wherever you are planning to go for your trip, vacation, or backpacking, you are going to need some points of references so that you can make the most of your time. The site is a great resource for this because it essentially grades establishments based on whether they are hot or not. You are looking at data that can prove incredibly useful if you are ever in any of the places featured on the site and want to have a great dining or drinking experience even if it’s your first time there.
pretraveller 0%


While traveling is great and can be absolutely essential for living a healthy life, not everyone is ready to do it any time they want. Fortunately, is always available to give them a helping hand, specifically with regards to the best tips someone can get for preparing to travel. As with many important aspects of life, your preparation before traveling will have a huge impact on the experience you’ll have and not all of your preparations are about your stuff. It’s also about your mindset and expectations once you do get on the road.
thewildlifediaries 0%

Wildlife Diaries

Margarita writes about amazing wildlife including places and habitats. She takes beautiful photos of wild animals such as wild cats which can be seen in the blog’s galleries. Readers are lucky enough to have a glimpse of her safari adventures. Her blog also contains suggested itineraries for would-be backpackers. This blog is highly recommended especially for those who love the wildlife.
Girl on Coconut Tree 0%

Laura McWhinnie

Check this website for the ultimate summer vibe. Laura has been traveling the world to the best islands and beaches because she believes that it is always summer somewhere. Her blog reflects her awesome personality and her love for summer. This blog will totally inspire readers and make room for an amazing summer in your life.


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