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We have nominated a number of bloggers from Australia whom we think deserve to win for our Travel Blog Awards 2017. The bloggers have been chosen based on their knowledge and passion for travel, which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiring blog posts. Instead of awarding the full amount of $550 to one person we want to reward all the nominated bloggers for their hard work. The full amount of $550 will be divided between the bloggers according to the percentage of votes received. This means that every single vote counts, and that all bloggers will receive a part of the price.

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Voting ends at 12:00 PM on 21st of June 2017
$550 is divided between the bloggers
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Caz and Craig

Caz and Craig Makepeace have created a magnificent travel blog with, featuring some incredibly amazing sites and experience to share with readers. This is why they have earned our praise and nomination.

Christina Soong

Hungry Australian is an amazing blog that was created by Christina Soong, which combines the two passions of food and travelling. Not only will readers find delicious recipes on the site, they will also see some great tips and content on some amazing destinations. For this reason and more, Christina Soong gets our nomination.

Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein is responsible for Tuula Vintage, which is both a travel site and a retail site at the same time. Looking through the many excellent travel content and products on offer at the site is enough to justify giving Jessica Stein and her site our nomination.

Brooke Saward

Brooke Saward of World Of Wanderlust offers plenty of interesting perspectives when it comes to the concept of travelling, destinations and activities all over the world. By expressing her content with a unique voice that really speaks to the travelers in all of us, she gets out nomination.

Brendan and Melissa

Husband and wife Brendan and Melissa run All Around Oz together, offering great travel content when it comes to their travails in Australia. The couple routinely goes camping, hiking, and taking aerial shots using their drones. With such entertaining and educational content, we would be remiss not to nominate them.

familyfriendlyaccommodation is all about providing readers with the information they need in order to find the best places to stay at with regards to their needs. Those with pets, children or whatever else can count on the site’s owner Amanda to give them the information they need, which is why we are nominating her.

Alison Denniso

Alison Dennison or Fairlie, as she likes to be called, runs Feet On Foreign Lands, which is an amazing travel blog. Jam packed with information with regards to destinations all over the world and the activities that can be found there, Fairlie is definitely worth nominating.

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek is a great source of information on destinations all over Australia. Visiting Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane with the content of the site in mind makes the trips so much more fulfilling. This is why Hide & Seek is getting our nomination.

Anyone planning to travel to Europe will finds the information in really useful. From holiday destinations, comfortable and affordable accommodations, and delicious cuisine, it’s all there. deserves to be nominated.

Michela Fantinel

Michela Fantinel runs Rocky Travel and her solo travel adventures often leave plenty of readers feeling wondrous admiration for all of the place that she has visited and the things that she has documented herself doing. With great tips on travelling all over Australia, why wouldn’t we nominate Michela?


Fire and Tea is a great travel resource for vegan food travel tips, especially for those living in Australia or are planning to visit. With awesome content such as walking tours to take to explore which wild plants are great to eat, and free to eat, this makes Fire and Tea a site worth visiting and is why it is also getting our nomination.
Lifeswanderlust is all about traveling and documenting those travels so that readers will get to appreciate all of the wonderful places that are featured on the site. From the tropical paradise regions of Asia to the history of Bulgaria, Lifeswanderlust certainly provides plenty of reasons to nominate it.

Ron and Michele

Ron and Michele started blogging about their travel experiences in 2014. The Australian couple’s journey through Asia, Australia and Europe was very detailed that every reader would feel like they were travelling with them. The highlight of their travels was when they used their motorcycle as a mode of transportation in Europe. Their blog was so positive that it was written lightly and with much awe.
Anyone looking for some inspirational content or travel tips related to Australia will do well when looking up Sofia and her website, With detailed and clearly defined information on what it’s like to cross the width and breadth of the Land down Under, and Sofia herself are definitely worth nominating.
Laura and Peter are the brains behind to document their adventures all throughout the many wonderful places in Australia. With riveting details on their travels and great information on what life as an Expat is like, definitely makes Laura and Peter worthy of our nomination. Great work!


A family effort of Tracy and Rob Morris along with their children Marli and Ziggy, The Blond Nomads is a charming blog that documents their exciting family adventures in the land down under and beyond. Posting vibrant photos, amazing videos, and very helpful travelling tips, Tracy and Rob certainly provide compelling reasons to nominate them.


An inspiring story about a couple who gave up everything in order to follow their dream of travelling all over Australia, is the story of courage and love. Featuring some truly spectacular stories, photos, and tips for those who have a mind of doing the same thing, we can’t help but nominate
Self-proclaimed nature lover Neil is the mind behind The Bushwalking Blog, where he regularly posts pictures and writes about his experiences traveling all over Australia (and occasionally elsewhere). Documenting his trips and providing useful trips to interested parties, Neil ensures that his readers have plenty of information for when they go on their own trips.
Anne is the brains behind the blog and it is absolutely full of her adventures travelling and generally living the life that she wants. With inspiring content and photos of the places she has been and the things she has done, it’s no surprise that we’re nominating Anne.

George and Shelly

George and Shelly are a married couple travelling around Australia to experience its wonderful natural beauty and the various sights and smells that the cities can bring. With amazing photos and articles on what it’s like to traipse around the land down under, George and Shelly are more than worthy of nomination.
Vicki started because she wanted to help those who might be struggling to make a decision in terms of travelling. After quitting her job as a lawyer, she started offering tips and guidance with regards to travelling and how others can follow the same path as her. This makes Vicki worth nominating.
All about discussing travelling affairs with the whole family, covers topics that can help parents cope with the idea of going to different places with their kids and vice versa. With travelling being such an important aspect of life, the information that provides makes it worthy of nomination.
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