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Let's go Mum Family Travel 37%

If you are going to read up on travel tips and guides, you might want to give a try for the sole reason that it comes with some pretty adorable stories involving adorable little girls. Travelling can be stressful after all, but makes it a joy, hence our nomination.
Together We Roam Travel With Kids 13%


Rene is a freelance travel writer and award winning travel blogger. She's travelled the world (75 countries and counting!) and continues to roam with her two little monkeys. Read about her detailed destination guides, family travel tips and reviews here.
Kings Avatar 2 6%


Self-proclaimed nature lover Neil is the mind behind The Bushwalking Blog, where he regularly posts pictures and writes about his experiences traveling all over Australia (and occasionally elsewhere). Documenting his trips and providing useful trips to interested parties, Neil ensures that his readers have plenty of information for when they go on their own trips.
Let Me Be Free 6%


Anne is the brains behind the blog and it is absolutely full of her adventures travelling and generally living the life that she wants. With inspiring content and photos of the places she has been and the things she has done, it’s no surprise that we’re nominating Anne.
Ros Alan 6%


After years of travel Alan and Ros decided to become location independent and now travel the world full time. Since starting their journey, they have gathered a wealth of information, great tips and helpful details, showing that age is no barrier to travel. There is something to be said about listening to the input of experienced travellers and is certainly owned by such people. We're nominating for those reasons and more
The Blonde Nomads Australian Travelling Family 5%


A family effort of Tracy and Rob Morris along with their children Marli and Ziggy, The Blond Nomads is a charming blog that documents their exciting family adventures in the land down under and beyond. Posting vibrant photos, amazing videos, and very helpful travelling tips, Tracy and Rob certainly provide compelling reasons to nominate them.
The Kid Bucket List 4%


With its philosophy that every child should have a bucket list to fill up, is all about providing children with goals that they can realistically achieve at any given age. It’s a great way to motivate children to become overachievers. For their awesome advice and guidance, is worth nominating.
Norris Around Australia 3%


An inspiring story about a couple who gave up everything in order to follow their dream of travelling all over Australia, is the story of courage and love. Featuring some truly spectacular stories, photos, and tips for those who have a mind of doing the same thing, we can’t help but nominate
Off The Track 3%

George and Shelly

George and Shelly are a married couple travelling around Australia to experience its wonderful natural beauty and the various sights and smells that the cities can bring. With amazing photos and articles on what it’s like to traipse around the land down under, George and Shelly are more than worthy of nomination.
our3kidsvtheworld 3%

Featuring the wonders of traveling together as a family, provides a great look into what it’s like to have children and a spouse, and yet still be able to do what you love most. With invigorating information on some wonderful experience, you’ll definitely get something out of the blog. That’s why we’re nominating
Mom and Child 2%


Boy Eats World is a travel blog with a difference. The multi award winning blog by freelance travel writer Aleney de Winter encourages other families to explore and eat their way around the world. With a focus on high quality content and photography, BoyEatsWorld shares tips and humorous tales of family travel, culture and world cuisine, peppered with the antics of her well-travelled offspring.
Travel Planning Help For The Independent Solo Traveller 2%

Michela Fantinel

Michela Fantinel runs Rocky Travel and her solo travel adventures often leave plenty of readers feeling wondrous admiration for all of the place that she has visited and the things that she has documented herself doing. With great tips on travelling all over Australia, why wouldn’t we nominate Michela?
Fire & Tea 2%


Fire and Tea is a great travel resource for vegan food travel tips, especially for those living in Australia or are planning to visit. With awesome content such as walking tours to take to explore which wild plants are great to eat, and free to eat, this makes Fire and Tea a site worth visiting and is why it is also getting our nomination.
Make Time To See The World 2%


Vicki started because she wanted to help those who might be struggling to make a decision in terms of travelling. After quitting her job as a lawyer, she started offering tips and guidance with regards to travelling and how others can follow the same path as her. This makes Vicki worth nominating.
Life 2%


A lot of people say that a picture paints a thousand words, but none make that more obvious than The blog features some truly stunning and authentic images, coupled with some content that are truly sincere. offers a glimpse into a rich life, which makes it worth nominating.
Pommie Travels 1%

A great resource for travel tips and information on some of the hottest destinations, you are definitely going to want to visit for a quick read through. The blog is full of fascinating tidbits about interesting tourist spots and more. is getting our nomination for its accurate content.
Travel Tales 1%

If stories about traveling and visiting exciting places as a family interests you, is definitely the blog for you. The site features some truly spectacular sites and tales about adventures and amazing destinations. All of these and more make an ideal nominee.

Looking at, you would think that the topic of travelling is a topic of luxury lifestyle listings. With great presentation, a clean platform, and a stylish design, it’s quite easy to see how can be such an effective way to teach people about travelling and sharing experience. We’re nominating for those reasons.
Travel Australia With Kids 1%

Mandy Farabegoli

There are a lot of reasons for you to travel but doing so with kids can be a daunting prospect. Fortunately, there are sites like to help you out and this one is particularly good at easing your worries. With great tips and helpful details, has earned a spot on the nominations list.
Laura And Peter Down Under 0%

Laura and Peter

Laura and Peter are the brains behind to document their adventures all throughout the many wonderful places in Australia. With riveting details on their travels and great information on what life as an Expat is like, definitely makes Laura and Peter worthy of our nomination. Great work!


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